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Leadership Team

Indaba Health and Wellness, LLC


Tuck manages the sales and marketing functions of IHW. His sharp understanding of human behavior and motivation help him build quality relationships to bring the great behavior tools that Indaba has developed to the end user. Tuck graduated from Hope College in Holland, Michigan with a B.A. in Communications. With experience in different sales companies, Tuck brings a great deal of knowledge to the IHW team. He worked in the real estate market for Community Resource Management Company in East Lansing, Michigan, and also has experience working at Total Quality Logistics in Tampa, Florida. He developed a knowledge of sales organization, keeping track of client records, and knowing when and how to call upon past clients, as well as prospecting for new clients.


Lauren is tasked with managing software development and video production of IHW, overseeing the filming and development of quality video materials. Ms. Boerwinkle earned her B.A. from the University of South Florida in 2012. With experience in the health and wellness field, Ms. Boerwinkle brings a great deal of knowledge about hospitals, doctor’s offices, G-codes, EHRs, and many other areas. She worked as an account manager at Vericle, Inc., a company that specializes in medical billing software. Ms. Boerwinkle helped medical professionals track the statistics relevant to their practice in order to help them get the best information possible and expand their client network.


Alex King’s primary responsibilities include contract development, operations and integrations, as well as account management. Mr. King graduated from Florida Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Aviation Management. During his training as an instrument rated pilot, he developed a strong skill set for innovation both in the air and on the ground. Alex has experience with forecast planning and design integration following detailed government standards. In his spare time Alex is an avid tennis player and enjoys competitive athletics.


Sarah brings structure and organization to the IHW team, where her primary focus is content development and social media. Sarah earned her B.A. in Psychology with honors from Wake Forest University in 2012. For her honors thesis, she conducted research on parenting adolescents across ethnically and economically diverse backgrounds and was selected to present at conferences around the country, including the State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium and the National Council on Family Relations. Prior to joining the IHW team, she worked with children in the dependency system at Directions for Living in Largo, FL, and as a teacher for children with autism at ABC of NC Child Development Center in Winston-Salem, NC. These experiences helped her develop a solid understanding of the behavioral change process.