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The previous techniques clearly aren’t working. They haven’t changed behaviors.

For decades, medical professionals and healthcare experts have spent untold millions on PR campaigns and communications, explaining how changing behavior can help the masses avoid chronic diseases. These communications typically detail ad nauseam about how small changes in behavior can positively impact an individual’s quality of life, perhaps even significantly extending that life. These messages have not resulted in the general populace changing their behaviors. To add to the proof that what the industry has done thus far isn’t working, studies prove: for the vast majority of people, the typical incentives offered by healthcare providers have limited reach or effectiveness. If preaching doesn’t work and throwing money at the problem doesn’t work, what does?

The solution resides in getting people to modify their own behavior which, by direct correlation, will affect risk factors. People, quite simply, have to participate. Getting people to start will depend on providing a structured process, with a clearly defined methodology and a path forward. It must create awareness, provide analysis, engage through monitoring, and educate the person regarding what must change and how to implement that change. Finally, it must instill the belief that change is both necessary and, even more important, that it is indeed possible, which will then fuel the person’s intrinsic motivation.