Indaba Health and Wellness, LLC
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About Us

Indaba Health & Wellness, LLC provides personalized prevention plans in order to improve the compliance of health insurance providers.

Participants are able to monitor their health and wellness activities. This helps improve awareness of health-related issues and prevent them before they occur. Most important, the program changes a key aspect of a person's ability to manage their health: their behavior. Understanding and properly flexing your behavior allows an individual to change their lifestyle rather than taking short-term measures that fail to produce long-term results.

Company History

Indaba Global, Inc. has been a leader in behavioral modification for decades. Indaba Health and Wellness, LLC. (IHW) created an end-to-end behavior management solution by employing Indaba Global’s proven methodologies and processes, combining it with an innovative DISCflex™ behavioral assessment specifically focused on health and wellness, and coupled these with sensor integration technologies, feedback and messaging, and finally, wrapped everything together within a robust eLearning platform.

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